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Happy New Year from Leslie Loves Veggies

Happy and Blessed New Year to all my Readers and Sponsors!  Here's to a wonderful 2012!! … [Read more...]

Hass Avocado and Veggie Scramble – A healthy and delish way to start the day!

Nature’s Energy Booster: Power Up Your Breakfast (NAPS)—Don’t skimp on the most important meal of the day: Breakfast lays the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. It’s the first opportunity of the day to fuel the body—revving up your metabolism, increasing energy levels and improving … [Read more...]

Salada Green Tea Prize Package {Rafflecopter Giveaway}

GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED We’ve all heard about the health benefits from drinking green tea!  But did you know that not all green tea is created equal? Compared to bottled teas, you can get up to 90% more of the antioxidants found in green tea when you brew your own. Besides that, bottled teas can … [Read more...]

Weight Watchers Ice Cream {Healthy & Yummy Review}

The holidays are winding down! It's time to get serious about eating healthy!  Think that means giving up delicious treats?  No way!  Making great food choices doesn't have to be dull, boring and tasteless!  Of course you want to eat lots of vitamin-packed fruits, veggies and whole grains.  Make … [Read more...]

Sibu Beauty – Revitalize & Renew {Rafflecopter Giveaway} Yummy Liquid Supplement

GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED My loyal Readers know I am passionate about many things.  I love certain brands and not only review them but use them in my personal life because they are that fabulous.  Sibu Beauty is a line of premium skin care products and ingestible supplements I’ve been using daily for at … [Read more...]

Reserveage Organics Resveratrol Veggie Capsules {Rafflecopter Giveaway}

GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED Reserveage Organics is committed to delivering the World's Finest Resveratrol.  Today, Reserveage Organics™ has become the standard of excellence for natural, healthy longevity and age-defying products. Reserveage Organics offers the only Resveratrol-based supplements made from … [Read more...]

College Textbooks for Dum Dums – by Micah Coletti, MA

While I understand that most of Leslie Loves Veggies Readers are not college students, you may be the parent of a college student or know of someone who may find this information useful. Currently, both of my Aunt Leslie's children (my cousins) are in college, so this information is especially … [Read more...]