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Nature’s Hollow Sugar-Free Products {Review}

Nature's Hollow Sugar-Free Products

Probst Farms produces Nature’s Hollow sugar free jam, sugar free syrup, sugar free low carb tomato homemade ketchup, and a sugar free honey product. They use a great tasting and good for you sweetener called Xylitol. This natural sweetener has no after taste like artificial sweeteners. Their sugar free fruit preserves are all low in carbs and perfect for the diabetic and weight conscious individual.

I’ve experimented with sugar free products quite a bit.  Some of them are ok, most are pretty icky.  Not only do they taste terrible, they are jammed with artificial ingredients.  I was very eager to try Nature’s Hollow Sugar-Free Products because they have such a large variety of tasty looking items.  When I tell you they are delicious I am not exaggerating!

I was Blessed to receive a variety of Nature’s Hollow Sugar-Free Products for review and they rock!

Sugar-Free Jams

Nature's Hollow Sugar-Free Apricot Preserves

There are six scrumptious, sweet jams to choose from!  Nature’s Hollow Sugar-Free Preserves are crammed with real fruit.  They are perfectly sweetened and I swear they taste like they are made with real sugar.  There is no bitter aftertaste.  One whole tablespoon has only 20 calories.

I am digging the Sugar-Free Apricot Preserves on my light whole wheat toast each morning.  The Sugar-Free Mountain Berry Preserves makes a mean Peanut Butter and Jelly sammie! Price ~ $5.19

Sugar-Free Syrup – Whether you choose maple or raspberry pancake syrup you are in for a treat.  These thick, rich syrups will make your waffles, french toast, pancakes and even ice cream come alive.  They are not sickeningly sweet, which is the downfall of many artificially flavored sugar free products.  Nature’s Hollow Sugar-Free Syrups don’t have an artificial or bitter taste.  They are sweetened with Xylitol which has a low glycemic index.  Price ~ $5.19

Sugar-Free Ketchup

Nature's Hollow Sugar-Free Ketchup

I love ketchup!  Plain and simple.  I cannot eat a veggie burger, french fries or veggie “chicken” nuggets without a hefty squeeeeze of ketchup.  Gulp.  When I glanced at the bottle I realized that is a huge amount of calories and sugar I am ingesting.  Nature’s Hollow Sugar-Free Ketchup has far fewer calories than regular ketchup and OhMyGosh it tastes fabulous.  I did notice that it’s a lot thinner than regular ketchup, but that doesn’t bother me at all.  It is still thick enough to cling to baked oven fries and stay perched atop my veggie burger.  This is a must-have for Summer BBQ Season! Price ~ $5.19

Sugar-Free BBQ Sauce – Two yummy BBQ Sauces to choose from; Hickory Maple and Honey Mustard.  I tried the Sugar-Free Hickory Maple BBQ Sauce and it adds so much flavor to our grilled faux meats and veggies.  I like to brush on food about 5 minutes before food is done grilling.  Also great for dipping!  Absolutely no sugar or corn syrup in this gem.  No Siree!  Not only are Nature’s Hollow BBQ Sauces sugar-free, they are fat-free and gluten free too!  Price ~ $5.19

Sugar-Free Honey Substitute

Nature's Hollow Sugar-Free Honey Substitute

I admit I am not a huge honey lover. It is too sweet and thick for me. My daughter and sister love it though.  Nature’s Hollow Sugar-Free Honey is not as thick as regular honey.  It’s sweet but not overly sweet.  It’s got 19 calories in one tablespoon.  It’s really yummy in a cup of hot tea or drizzled on top of hot, home baked breads and muffins, or spooned over grits or oatmeal.  I love the adorable “squeeze” bear bottle.  No dipping in with a spoon to get every last drop.  Just tip upside down and your honey will slowly drizzle out!  Price~ $5.19

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Many thanks to Nature’s Hollow for this Review Opportunity.
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