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Are you cheating on entries at Leslie Loves Veggies??

If you are entering Giveaways at Leslie Loves Veggies with multiple emails this is absolutely not allowed.  I found at least few names this morning with multiple email addresses and the same ISP address.  I won’t go into detail but I am incredibly unhappy!

Cheaters may prosper for a short time, but you will be found out!  NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!!!

If you want to have fun and enter giveaways at Leslie Love Veggies you must play by the rules!!!!  Using multiple emails to gather more entries is tantamount to stealing.

Thank you!

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  1. 1

    Oh, that’s sad. We all like to win, but how fun can it be to win by cheating? 🙁 So sorry you had this happen!

  2. 2

    It is sad Les, and it was at least one person I trusted! What a huge violation.

    Have fun, enter but play fair!

  3. 3
    Amy Rouse says:

    Sheesh, I hope I haven’t done this…I have a main email (dropastitch@yahoo.com) and then an email that I use for my sweepstakes entering. I never entered multiple times for anything using each email addy tho. That would for sure be cheating!!! I just have to keep my business email (dropastitch) down to a minimum so I can read them all quickly. But I know I’ve never entered for anything using multiple emails….and it’s sad if some entrants have been doing that. 🙁

  4. 4


    I was in the process of moving all of my mail from singlemindedfaith(at)yahoo(dot)com to this new email. If it was me and I double entered, I’m truly sorry. I was trying to keep track so as not to “double dip.”

  5. 5

    Thanks for your email ladies. It was not either of you. But your honesty is hugely appreciated!!!


  6. 8

    One of the cheaters almost won the Things Remembered Giveaway. After carefully, very carefully checking the back end of Leslie Loves Veggies I saw what was going on.

    This one particular person is entering with at least 4 different names, emails and the same ISP.

    To say I am mad is an understatement!!

    • 9

      OMG FOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is insane!!!!! Please see my comment below. Your rules used to be 1 entry per person and that is why both myself and my hubby, Scott, have always entered. But now I see that its per ISP addy and I have no idea when this changed. We both enter giveaways all the time, but we are VERY careful to follow all rules and only both enter when it is specifically allowed by the blogger.

      • 10
        BMH2448 says:

        So, does this mean that my husband can no longer enter the sweeps that I enter, since we do use the same computer and, I assume, the same ISP?

        I imagine even if he uses his laptop to enter it would be the same ISP.

        Should we just limit entry to one (person entering) per household?

  7. 11
    Barbara M says:

    Leslie I’m so sorry that this has happened.
    You have such a fantastic blog site – definitely a favorite of mine!

  8. 12

    Thank you Barbara,

    When someone enters my giveaways multiple times with multiple email addresses, it is very unfair to readers who do the allowed entries fairly.

    Cheaters (think) they are giving themselves an advantage by having numerous extra entries, thus robbing an honest commenter out of the chance to win.

    NOT Gonna happen at Leslie Loves Veggies.

    Anyone can feel free to email me at LeslieVeg@gmail.com if they would like me to remove entries they cheated on and thus be entered to win.

    Thanks to all!

    • 13

      PLEASE delete either my entries or Scott’s (nynekats@gmail.com) if we have been breaking any rules. We honestly did not know. I am so worried about this!

  9. 14

    Wow!! As a previous commenter/enterer and now have my own giveaway site, I am just as frustrated by this as you!

    It is unfair and I hope they get the message from this post! Thanks for bringing this important message up!! You do a fab job!


  10. 15

    Okay, it takes me forever just to enter a single giveaway so I don’t even enter all your giveaways. How people have time to enter them with four different names blows my mind. Good for you for staying on top of things! But I dislike you having to spend time catching cheaters!

    • 16
      Kat F. says:

      I was just about to make a comment saying the same thing! LOL. Some people must have a lot of free time on their hands, maybe they should use that time in a more constructive manner & not cheat Leslie or her followers.

  11. 17

    Hi Ladies,

    Yes it does take a lot of time hunting down cheaters. Howeva, I’ve set it up so the offender’s comments now have to be moderated prior to them posting.

    Honesty is the best policy.


  12. 18
    Small Footprints says:

    Oh, I hope I haven’t done something wrong … I have my main email address (reducefootprints at gmail dot com) but my google reader is under cadsupport1 at gmail dot com … so when I’m asked about following using GFC, I always include the other email address so that you’ll know I’m getting it. But in the form, I also put the main one. Does that violate the rules?

  13. 23

    Leslie, that just plain sucks – this is far and above my favorite blog and honestly that just makes me mad on your behalf and honestly all of ours as well! We (you and all of us) spend allot of time doing what we all do and it is just not nice – ugh bad karma, mojo whatever on them! Hugs to you this mothers day weekend Leslie! I knew this happend on contest sites but honestly had no idea at all it happend on blog sites to! Wow is all I can say, these people must have ALOT of spare time on their hands LOL – anyway, that is all the engergy I can put twords people like that, hugs again to you – you so deserve them!

  14. 24

    Happy mothers Day friends. Thank u for all your supportive comments, xoxo

  15. 25
    melissa pruitt says:

    im not one of them~!

  16. 27

    Wow, I didn’t even imagine that someone would do this! I guess because I wouldn’t do it, doesn’t mean that other won’t… Thanks for heads up! I will be looking into my blog’s winners way more carefully now! Like you said, it was someone you trusted… I guess we can’t trust anyone. How awful! It’s so much work to have a blog, sucks that some people are trying to take advantage of it and don’t appreciate the work put in.

  17. 29
    Becky Horn says:

    Wow Im sorry to hear that, I have heard other bloggers mention catching a few before as well. I think maybe you should all get together and forwarn the others as well (expose the cheaters so others will also be aware) But that is just my opinion. I agree. I don’t see how any could enter multiple times with different emails. Too time consuming. I have 1 email I use for my sweeping and that is the ONLY one I will ever use. So I know I am safe. However sometimes I have questioned myself if I didnt enter the same contest twice with the same email. LOL I have to double check myself. Too much to keep up with. Thanks for providing these great contests for us and for finding out about the cheaters giving us honest people a real chance at winning.

    • 30

      HI Becky,
      An honest mistake I can see 🙂 Entering multiple giveaways with 5 email addresses is not a mistake.

      Have a wonderful Mother’s Day and thanks for your comment!

  18. 31

    Wow, thanks Les taking your time checking this so we all have a fair chance of winning.

    That must took a lot of time to do!

    Happy mother’s day!

    • 32

      Hi Emma,

      Yes yes yes.. It’s gotta be fair and square and everyone should have an equal opportunity to win the honest way! 🙂


  19. 33
    Lexigurl says:

    This is very sad, sometimes I show people how to enter giveaways while using the same connection and I enter with a friend or two in the room, we share giveaways we love but all live in different households. If it is not a situation like this I am sorry. I have noticed that some of my winners have very similar names and addresses. I will be more aware of this in the future on my blog.

  20. 35
    Amy S. says:

    Hello Leslie,

    I am so sorry for all the trouble that you’re going tbrough! Since I entered the hospital, I’ve only entered one giveaway because I’ve been too weak to do any other. But, I did do the 10 Day Silk Challenge with you and watched your videos of “The Little Guy”. Especially the one with Sweet Pea’s phone! Cute as a button! I’m planning on starting my site again this week while going through chemo & radiation. I hope I in no way offended you! I hope my blog continues to grow…I Love LLVeggies! I was actually going to ask you who redid your site. Of course you can feel free to check out mine. If you’d rather respond to me via email, it’s IAmHiMaintenance@aol.com. Love, Luck & Continued Succes,

  21. 37

    One legitimate case I can think of for multiple e-mail addresses showing the same IP address is separate individuals on a home or small business LAN. Several of my family members sometimes enter sweeps too, but I don’t think any of us have entered the same sweeps at your site. (And the ones most likely to enter have grown and moved to their own households now!)

  22. 39

    Well, I don’t think it was me but my daughter could have entered some contests (slim chance as she goes to school, works and is a single mom) but I have a blog and I am going to share this on my blog. This is ridiculous! I have time on my hands because I am “disabled” but not that kind of time. It takes a lot to enter a contest so I pick and chose the ones I want to win. If it’s something I really want, I’ll do each and every thing asked BUT I won’t sign in on another e-mail account to win. RIDICULOUS and RUDE!!!

    Sharing this with my readers as well!!!!

    Thanks Leslie! — If this gets moderated, I will just DIE!!! ha ha ha (just kidding)

  23. 41
    Helen Keeler says:

    I am sorry this is happening. You give extra points and no one needs to cheat. I enjoy your site and the hard work you put into it.
    I must say that sometimes after several days I forget if I have entered a giveaway. Is there an easy way for me to check when I get confussed.

  24. 42

    Amen! I’m glad you caught this =( no fair.

  25. 43

    I know this goes down on many blogs.. some also cheat and tweet extra per day if its a popular giveaway since it will most likely go unnoticed! Shame on them.

  26. 44

    I’m so sorry this happened to you. I love your blog. Your giveaways are the best.

  27. 45

    that is sad.. how can people keep track of that? I would love to know how to find out the IP addresses, then I can check if there are cheaters in my giveaways.

  28. 46
    stacey dempsey says:

    I am glad that you do check, i wish more blogs would do random checks especially on the big giveaways, i think that is when the cheaters really come out in force, alot of us spend alot of time entering these legitimately and to think we lose out to someone who is cheating really makes me angry too, thank you for doing the checks and i hope there is a way you can let other blog owners know who these people are, you can be sure they are doing this on more than one blog, if they cheat i dont think it is unfair to OUT them so they can be banned from entering any more, i too am not sure if my gfc connect email is the same as my one i use to enter with, had feeburner issues a while back and had to start using a different one, but i only enter with one email , tweet once a a day under one identity, frankly i dont know how anyone has time to do it under 2 names etc either, but i have always thought you ran one of the most proffesional blogs around and i hope other blog owners follow suite THANKS AGAIN

  29. 47
    Doris C says:

    I have no entries here right now but seen the post, I have seen it a few times and there is one girl who does it on every site, I see her on yours, really makes me sick how selfish some people are but what goes around comes around they should be banned from entering! Thanks for checking them out!

    • 48

      Hi Doris,

      Email me in private and let me know who it is!!! Thank you

    • 50

      Doris: my hubby and I enter giveaways all over the place but only do it where it is a one per person/email account allowed rule. If you EVER see where I have broken any rules, please let me know. We have been accused of cheating in the past when we were not cheating and its very upsetting. I am not assuming you are talking about me LOL but this post has me very worried that I am inadvertently cheating because rules have changed on sites. You seem like you enter a lot of giveaways from your comment, so I thought I would just put this out there. Thanks for your help if you are able to give it!

  30. 51
    Vickie Couturier says:

    Not fair to the ones of us who are trying an obeying the rules,,I hope you can pass this along to the other blogs so these ppl can be banned

  31. 52

    That’s disgusting! If they are doing it on your blog, I wonder how many others they are doing it on. There always has to be someone who thinks they can beat the system. They should be ashamed of themselves and good for you for discovering it.

  32. 53
    SnowflakeDay (Audra) says:

    That’s nuts; I’m glad you caught it. I know personally, I recently changed emails and my google name after I fired AT&T and went to Cable internet. I’m sure everyone was used to seeing me as Snowflake07 using my hotpepper email and now I’m SnowflakeDay using my new gmail email. I went to SnowflakeDay in google so my name now matches my twitter handle. I’ve been super careful though not to use the old email anymore and my old google handle is now deleted. Anyhoo…hope nobody thinks it was me. It’s always irritating when people cheat at anything.

  33. 54

    OMG Scott and I did not know your rules had changed! We have always both entered your giveaways and we have both won your giveaways. I even emailed you to be 100% sure that both of us entering was OK! When did this change??? GOD I hope we are not the ones you are talking about! Please let me know if only one of us should start entering. We definitely are NOT cheaters! We have always followed your rules. We just did not know they had changed! Please email us! xoxo Angie (& Scott nynekats@gmail.com)

  34. 55

    Hi Angie, Audra, Deb and Vickie,

    Thanks for your comments. Not you guys!

    • 56

      phew! so worried! let me know if one of us should stop entering. So sorry we didn’t check your rules for an update…just never occurred to me…hopefully we haven’t been inadvertently cheating all over the place…sheesh… 🙁

  35. 57
    Shilo Beedy says:

    I hope it’s not me I switched from samsakara@twcny.rr.com to shilobeedy@gmail.com been a gradual change for me. I’m sorry to hear if someone has been cheating.

  36. 58

    I hate that people cheat like that.

    I try to enter as many giveaways as I can, but with my own site, outside of house job, two kids, husband and just life in general, I don’t have much time left!!

    I am glad you have figured out how to catch them Leslie. I am going to be much more cautious on my site now.

    It isn’t fair to the followers or to the sponsors who think they are getting more viewing then they really are.

    P.s I Love your site!! You were one of the first I started following and I will never stop!!

  37. 59

    That’s terrible! I do have a different address that I subscribe to many of my blogs with, so all my blog emails go to one place only and everything’s organized. But I only enter using my one name and I specify “subscribe via email using acct supersleuth02@hotmail.com” so there’s no confusion. People that are using several different names and email addresses to cheat need to get a life! I have a hard enough time finding the time to enter giveaways let alone use more than one name! LOL I hope this blog post has straightened them out 😀

  38. 60
    carol y l says:

    Aww, crappy! I would like to know who has the time?! Sorry it has upset you. I am glad you are checking, though. I really am because it just isn’t fair to those who play by the rules, so thanks.
    Anyway, I hope you have a Happy Mother’s Day!

  39. 61

    I’m so sorry this is happening on your site, Leslie. It’s especially saddening(/maddening!) that this it is being done by someone you trusted. It’s so wonderful of you to look out for your readers by checking and it’s really upsetting that people are breaking the rules.

    You are such a kind, professional and amazing lady; your site is one of the absolute best I’ve ever seen, really top-notch! I’ve always enjoyed our conversations and I hope your post sends out a clear message to the perpetrators.

    Have a fab day, Leslie. Happy Mother’s Day! 🙂


  40. 62

    OMG! That is so horrible I hate cheaters! I guess I better start checking my giveaways for that too. It’s a shame there has to be cheaters in this world. I don’t know how they have time for this!

  41. 63
    Christina Almond says:

    Wow! I don’t often comment on posts such as these but…I felt compelled to do so here! Firstly, I have never cheated on a giveaway…I like to wake up each morning with a clean conscience! For those of you who do (and you know to yourself who you are) are essentially stealing from others here. Are you driven to do this for the sake of greed? I’m not an ultimate judge of mankind but…I think we could all agree that such purposeful selfishness and greed are far from admirable qualities. It generally takes me 20 to 30 minutes to enter a new giveaway here and while I am sincerely thankful for each and every time I have won…anyone that has cheated has stolen prizes from me or someone else. That doesn’t bother you?!! You have, likewise, taken up people’s valuable time spent here.

    That is really all I can say about it. I believe in the “what goes around, comes around” concept myself and I find enough solace in that. Bottom line: Live by the ‘Golden Rule.’ Treat others as you wish to be treated. If you wanted the prizes so much as to dedicate your time to cheating for them…then I would have to logically presuppose that you wouldn’t want them taken from you.

    Be good to others. Be happy for the success of others. Focus on appreciating what you do have instead of what you don’t. 🙂

    • 64
      Robyn Dones says:

      Well said Christina! My thoughts exactly.

    • 65
      Jackie says:

      I agree with Robyn..well said! It takes me a while to enter a giveaway also. I can’t imagine entering one several times. Kind of takes the fun out of winning if you have to cheat to win.

  42. 66

    Amen Christina!!!! That is EXACTLY how I feel. I entered giveaways prior to starting Leslie Loves Veggies. I played by the rules of the blog. This is stealing plain and simple!!!

    Honesty is the best and only policy at Leslie Loves Veggies!!!

    Thanks for all the comments Ladies. You are all fabulous!


  43. 67
    Robyn Dones says:

    I’m so impressed with how diligent you are with your blog. Yours is one of my favorites. I would have never thought that someone would even think to do that. It’s so frustrating that we don’t have a fair chance on winning against these cheaters (like someone said, they are probably doing it on other sweeps too). Now, when I enter a giveaway, I am going to be wondering. Why can’t people live honestly? Thanks for your blog Leslie and your great giveaways!

    • 68

      NO need to wonder Robyn,

      I check and cross check my entries. I will NOT tolerate cheating. So enter and have fun!!!
      Thanks for your sweet words too!


  44. 69
    Kathy Clark says:

    Thank you for offering all the giveaways and shame on the cheaters.

  45. 70
    Denise G says:

    Sorry to hear this is happening to you. I think I should put this in my rules a well!

  46. 71
    Deborah says:

    Thank you Leslie for everything you do for all of us. Maybe we do not say it enough but we do appreciate you and your terrific blog.

    Happy Mother’s Day to you and everyone!


  47. 73

    oh man! sorry you’re having to endure this, especially so soon after the ‘chef’ debacle! hang in there….you may feel like you’re in the middle of a storm today, but i promise the sun will come out tomorrow! cross my heart!

  48. 75
    Suzanna60 says:

    wow hope its not me -sad people have to cheat -but i am glad you are ferreting them out hopefully more blogs and twitter sponsors will do the same

  49. 77
    JoeyfromSC says:

    That is SO sad that people would stoop to that level to win a prize! I ALWAYS play fair & wished others would. Sorry that is happening here at your awesome blog Leslie! I am glad you found them out though lol

  50. 78
    Sue Farrell says:

    I hope it wasn’t me–I was using my main email connection farrell@crosslake.net for all extries, but my provider for some reason started to screen the emails to carefully and a lot of my regular newsletters quit appearing in my inbox—so I signed up with google email suefarrell.farrell@gmail.com and resigned up for newsletters, etc.—now I sometimes get the newletters in both my email accounts. I try to be careful and only enter from one email, but I’m sure I could easily make a mistake. I am truly sorry if I did.

  51. 79

    Im dont think it is me. I know sometimes I forget which giveaways and contests I enter.
    So if it was me please let me know as it surely wasnt intentional as I enjoy your site and your giveaways.

  52. 80

    This is just mindblowing! This is just ridiculous! Now…if you were giving away a vacation or a car or something, I could see why someone would be motivated to cheat (NOT that it makes it OK!!)…but for a Things Remembered giveaway? Seriously, folks? This reminds me of how some of the couponers being featured on “Extreme Couponing” are, in fact, cheating/stealing. That’s a crime. I don’t see how someone thinks that’s OK…and if I won something by cheating, I would never really feel good about it. I really hate dishonesty, plain and simple. It can be very disheartening and frustrating.

    I hope you don’t let it get you down, Leslie, because I think you’re the bee’s knees! You do an amazing job and you’re just a delight to deal with. Try not to let the negativity get to you!

    Happy Mother’s Day!! (to your readers as well!!)

  53. 81

    Kudos to you!
    There are some greedy people who have been getting away with this for too long. Wish all the bloggers made sure the rules are followed.

    Happy Mother’s Day

  54. 82

    I’ve seen this a few times on my own blog too. They must not realize how easy it is for those of us with WordPress to see if the entries are coming from the same IP address.

    It is possible that there are a few couples/roommates/family members/etc who are both entering like angie mentioned above, but it’s impossible for blog owners to know that without advance notice from the entrants. I think it’s safe to assume with 4 different names that it’s definitely someone trying to cheat the system, and not 4 different people in the same household.

  55. 83

    Also, I occasionally use a different email address, but I always use the same name and don’t do it to try to get myself extra entries.

  56. 84
    Lauralee Hensley says:

    I’m using a borrowed computer for a time, so I know it probably shows up as a different ISP (I think, since I don’t have that much computer experience).
    If someone is entering with multiple email addresses and it’s the same ISP would you email them individually about such?
    Just wondering, in case someone is being set up by someone else, to make them default or be kicked out of a contest. I guess that couldn’t be done though, unless another blog owner has that persons ISP and is somehow doing it.
    I would just hope if someone ever thought I was doing such a thing, they’d contact me, so I could find out if someone had somehow infilitrated my computer and was doing something mean to me.
    So, I don’t believe it is me, but if it is, please let me know.
    lfhpueblo at msn dot com

  57. 85

    Hi Lauralee,

    No I am not contacting individuals by email. I don’t know how a computer would be infiltrated to sabotage someone. If someone emails me I will let them know if they are suspected of cheating however. Your entries are fine. 🙂

  58. 86

    Thanks for your emails guys!! Hope you had a lovely weekend and anyone that commented about is not suspect!


  59. 87
    Corrie Gompf says:

    You know this is just what ruins it for us honest sweepers. Good luck to all that follow the rules and thanks Leslie for bringing us all the awesome giveaways you do!!

  60. 88
    CATHARINE R says:

    I appreciate that you care enough to take the time to keep things fair. Thank you!

  61. 89

    hey leslie….sorry this is happening to you..you are too special of a lady! i know there are times i go back & look to make sure i didn’t already enter….you are the best! thanks for all the great giveaways you do for us! it is appreciated! big hugs!

  62. 90

    Thank you Ladies for your honesty and for being such loyal Leslie Loves Veggies Fans!!!

    I love my job!!! 🙂

  63. 91
    Helen Coletti says:

    man oh man if they have THAT much time to enter multiple times,

    I say let em have it, but this is not my blog.

    Life is easy when all you have to worry about is multiple entries, Just sayin and just my humble opinion

    • 92

      Hi Helen,

      I have a lot more to worry about than multiple entries. Leslie Loves Veggies is subject to certain laws because it is a giveaway site. (There are rules I need to follow)

      Besides Leslie Loves Veggies I have a husband, children and grandchild to care for. This is my full time job and I have a family life as well. 🙂

      That being said, It isn’t fair for ONE person to steal a prize from someone who enters fairly. Play by the rules or don’t play at all. Just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you should OR that you will get away with breaking the rules!


  64. 93

    There’s not enough time in the day to enter all the blog giveaways once. I can’t understand why they wouldn’t just go enter at four blogs instead of one blog with four identities.

  65. 94
    Just Coupons says:

    It is unfortunate and wrong that people cheat. In my heart I want to think that the person must really need these items really bad (maybe due to the awful economy??) but it isn’t fair to the rest of us… and rules are rules after all.

    Your blog is the first I ever won anything from over a year ago. I have slowly went from just following you by email only (and getting one little entry) to learning Twitter, Facebook, etc. and increasing my chances.

    Thanks for all you do for us readers! 🙂
    You are the best!!


  66. 95

    Too many comments to sift through lol….but remember some people live together and both like to enter giveaways (such as me and my mom)

  67. 96
    Rochelle says:

    Thanks for your hard work :)! I really enjoy your blog!

  68. 97

    Thanks for your comments ladies. I appreciate them.

    Becca, I understand that there are apartment buildings, families etc that enter which is great! But to have a rapid-fire succession of comments from ONE ISP for a giveaway with 4 or 5 different names means it’s ONE Person entering.

    There are other clues but I don’t want to divulge them here.

    Have a wonderful day and enjoy!

  69. 98
    Cynthia C says:

    Thanks for weeding out the stinkers! It gives honest people a better chance. Unfortunately they too often get away with it.

  70. 99

    I know I changed my main em & accidentally signed in under my minor one, but immediately went right back, its hard to get used to, the names so similar, but it was never on diff entries, on thevsame one I caught it, right away to correct so as not to get an extra entry, if that makes sense..being disabled myself, w 4 kids I have to pick & choose what my energy can tolerant me to do @ one time, & am just so thankful for meeting new people, & what ” luck” graces us with. Thanks LLV

  71. 100
    Huguette English says:

    It makes me so mad hearing about all these cheaters. Thank you SO MUCH for going the extra steps to weed them out. Really appreciate it!!

  72. 101

    Thank you Ladies!!! I appreciate your comments and I am so thankful that you take the time enter at Leslie Loves Veggies.

    I want my ‘place’ to be honest, and fair!


  73. 102
    Wanda M says:

    I honestly don’t understand why people do these things! How do they have time to use multiple emails/names, I can hardly keep up with all the giveaways I enter with just one! LOL

  74. 103


  75. 104

    It’s amazing what some people will do. Very sad. I am curious though, having a blog myself, how you are able to tell if someone is entering from the same IP address. There are a couple of times I’ve wondered myself about entrants on my giveaways but was never sure how to check to be positive.

  76. 105

    There are so many giveaways why would someone feel it necessary to enter ONE giveaway multiple times.
    But to fess up I have 3 emails, one is for personal email, one the giveaway and sweepstakes, and one for online ordering. Occasionally I am signed in and entered using the wrong email mail if I catch it quick I can reply and explain but sometimes it flys by. But on the other hand it was only one entry I didn’t go back and enter the same thing again.

  77. 106
    Heather! says:

    Wow, that is low! We all love to win, but, for me, at least, part of the fun is the pure chance of it. I suppose it’s a little bit like gambling for me…I *might* win, I *might* not. It’s exciting when I do, not only for the prize (and your blog has the BEST!), but also for the thrill of winning. Cheating removes that thrill. Further, as others have said, I just can’t imagine taking so much time to CHEAT! Ugh! I am disgusted by the thought of it.

    Thank you, Leslie, for being so diligient and enforcing your rules to keep your blog THE BEST of the bunch!! 🙂