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Plonk Wine Merchants ~ The Worlds BEST Cheap Wine Under $30 {Review}

Plonk Wine Merchants

I have to admit, when it comes to wine I’m not sophisticated.  I feel incredibly intimidated entering a package store and perusing the aisles searching for a bottle of wine.  First of all, I have no idea what I want.  Second of all I have no idea what the different types of wine really are.  When it comes to selecting wines by region I am a complete novice.  It would be nice to be able to select a really great wine at a fabulous price and receive a little bit of an education as I’m doing that in the privacy of my own home.

Plonk Wine Merchants lets you do that!  Looking for incredibly good, inexpensive wine?  Discover top quality, limited production value wines from obscure corners of the globe, at prices your cute little wallet will love!  Check out Plonk Wine Merchants expertly curated selection of 90+ wines under $30, many of which are natural, organic, and biodynamic.  Many of Plonk Wine Merchants wines are fabulous finds your local retailer just won’t carry!  Shop wines from every corner of the globe!  Reds, Whites!  It’s easy!  Because the site is so user friendly!

I was Blessed to receive a bottle of Rain Sauvignon Blanc from Plonk Wine Merchants for review.

What was really nice was that I had never had Rain Wine, nor had I heard of it.  I had heard of Sauvignon Blanc but had never had the pleasure of tasting it.

Plonk Wine Merchants | Rain Sauvignon Blanc

Although I’m a sweet wine lover, I recently discovered I like drier white wines with food.  Before Hubby and I opened our Rain Sauvigonon Blanc we watched the video review for the wine on the Plonk Wine Merchants website.  This is a really neat feature at Plonk!  Each and every wine they sell is accompanied by a video review, which in all honesty is so much nicer than having a salesperson breathing down my neck trying to sell me an overpriced bottle of wine and feeding me a line of baloney!  The review told me what about the wine and what food it would taste great with!

2009 Rain Sauvignon Blanc Wine Video Review

Since Hubby and I both love goat cheese we took the suggestion in the video and enjoyed our Rain Sauvignon Blanc with homemade goat cheese pizza.  This New Zealand White Wine is very fresh tasting, almost citrusy to me.  It’s not sweet, so if you are looking for a sweet sipping wine this might not be the wine to choose.

If you have questions on which wine to choose, feel free to contact Plonk Wine Merchants via phone or email for wine recommendations, food and wine pairing suggestions for your upcoming dinner party, or to get answers to any general wine questions you might have.  Many online sites leave you feeling helpless and feeling like there’s no one on the other end of that website.  Not so with Plonk Wine Merchants.  They’re just a mouse-click or phone call away.  HERE is their contact information.

I’ve heard a lot about discount wine clubs recently so I was pleased to learn that Plonk Wine Merchants offers a Plonk Wine Club! Wine Membership includes…

  • 4 wines delivered to your doorstep each month
  • 1 bottle of the Plonk Pick of the Month
  • 3 bottles that will be featured in the monthly online wine tasting
  • Admission ticket to Plonk’s monthly online wine tastings (exclusively available to wine club members)
  • 10% discount on all wine
  • Three club options
  • Customized Shipments

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PlonkOnline on Twitter

Many thanks to Plonk Wine Merchants for this Review Opportunity.
No Purchase Necessary. Void where prohibited by law.  Plonk Wine Merchants provided a product or sample for this Review.

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