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Farm Rich® products have been setting the standard for delicious, easy-to-prepare food the whole family loves for ages!  Farm Rich snacks ‘n appetizers are quick and easy to prepare!  Even better, they’re made with real ingredients like 100% cheese, high quality meats and fresh veggies!  Woo Hoo!  Farm Rich products totally rock! From snacks to breakfast foods, they’ve got something to keep the snack beastie at bay!

I was Blessed to receive a coupon to try Farm Rich Stuffed Pretzel Bites.  I have a few extra coupons so stay tuned!!!

Huge cheddar flavor in a bite-sized pretzel!

School started here in Georgia about 3 weeks ago and that means busy schedules for moms and kids.

“School-age children – especially those in middle and high school – have so much on their plates in terms of activities and homework that it’s a real juggling act to balance it all,” says Jennifer Meetz, director of marketing for Farm Rich, the frozen appetizer and snack brand.  “It’s a well-known fact that there are significant benefits for kids who are well rested, active and eating a balanced diet, but the challenge is finding the time and wholesome options to make sure they are fueling their bodies and minds properly.”

First lady Michelle Obama frequently acknowledges the pressures facing families today as part of her platform to bring awareness to children’s health, nutrition and fitness.  “We are living in a time where we just don’t have enough time. People are rushed. They’re overworked, over-scheduled…But the thing that I want people to understand in this campaign is that families can make small, manageable changes in their lives that can have pretty significant impacts,” said Mrs. Obama during the “Let’s Move” live web chat.

Farm Rich talked to moms across the country recently to discover their real-life tips for working wholesome snacks into the chaotic schedules of school-age kids and their families.  Here are some of their great ideas!

  •  Start the Week Off Right. For Bethanne Latkso of Worchester, Mass., organization is the key.  “I have two kids, a busy husband, and I’m designing my own jewelry line, so I don’t have time for frequent trips to the grocery store. Instead, every Saturday, I map out the week’s activities and plan our meals and snacks around that.”  Latkso says in addition to saving time during the week, planning also helps eliminate poor food choices.  “Because I’m eliminating impulse buying, I make better food choices – everything from buying more fresh fruits and vegetables, to buying better snacks for my kids.”
  • Mini-Meal Replacement.  For Leah Welch of Brandon, Fla., a mother of two boys ages 10 and 12, snacks that serve as a mini-meal are a lifesaver. “We are constantly going between baseball, soccer and chess,” explains Welch. “Just before I drive them to an activity, I’ll pop something like Farm Rich Mini Quesadillas into the microwave. They eat them on the way to the game and they’re good to go until we can get home for dinner. It’s a much better choice than fast food.”
  •  Sneak in Wholesome Snacks When They Least Expect It.  “When my teens are having a study group or a sleepover, instead of letting them load up on sugary soda and potato chips, I try to sneak in a snack that’s more nutritionally sound and the brain food they need,” says Nicole Mills, an Atlanta mom of three.  If teens balk at serving friends fresh veggies and dip, parents can try Farm Rich Cheese Sticks or Mozzarella Bites made with real mozzarella cheese.  Real mozzarella cheese is a good source of calcium and protein, but they don’t have to know that!
  • Make Healthy Snacking Convenient.  Kim Griffin, a business owner with two teenagers, says because her children are at the age where they can prepare snacks for themselves, “I stock the freezer with things that are easy to heat and eat. They like being able to reach into the freezer to grab a snack they can heat in the microwave and be ready to eat in just minutes.”  With frozen appetizers like Farm Rich Mini Bacon Cheeseburgers or Mini Philly Cheese Steaks, they can have a filling and better-for-you snack in just minutes.  Or, suggests Griffin, put some Farm Rich Meatballs in the Crock-Pot, let simmer all day and bowl the kids over with the aroma when they walk in the door from school.

I like to offer my gang a lot of fresh fruits and veggies.  I find that if I keep a bowl of fruit salad in the fridge the kids are more likely to grab a bowl.  If I cut up the veggies and have a fun dip they tend to snack on that too.  Hummus is one of My Little Guy’s favorite veggie dips at the moment.

All of the kids, from The Little Guy, to Sweet Pea, to my grown up daughter love pretzels.  Farm Rich Stuffed Pretzel Bites were a huge hit with them.  These soft, bite size pretzels are stuffed with a delicious cheddar cheese filling.  These are trans fat free and can be made in the microwave or regular oven in no time flat.  I love the convenient resealable bag, which keeps whatever pretzels we don’t eat fresh for next time.  These  will definitely be on my shopping list again!

Click HERE to locate a retailer near you that sells Farm Rich® Products.

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The generous folks at Farm Rich are going to Bless THREE Leslie Loves Veggies Readers with (1) One Coupon good for a Free Bag of any Farm Rich Product {$5.99 Value} Thank you so much!

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    Farm Rich Stuffed Pretzel Bites are all four of my kids favorite – they dont last long and are a big hit for Friday night 🙂

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    Hi I went Farm Rich site and I would enjoy trying thier: Montzerella cheese bites! I love cheese and Farm Rich saves me time making them-I only need to heat and enjoy with salsa sauce yummy! Kathryn20000 twitter

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