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Ferro Cosmetics $50 Gift Certificate {Rafflecopter Giveaway}

Ferro Cosmetics is a professional line of eco-couture cosmetics for every womanGIVEAWAY HAS ENDED
I remember quite a few years ago when I discovered mineral makeup!  I instantly fell in love with it!  My skin is very sensitive and I was intrigued that beauty products could actually be made from minerals from the earth!  One day my face started itching like a banshee and after a trip to the dermatologist I learned my mineral makeup was the cause.  It wasn’t as pure as I was led to believe.  That sheen that was left on my face after using my mineral foundation was from an ingredient called Bismuth and I was very allergic to it.  So long Fancy Minerals!

I still love mineral makeup, but now I’m careful to use mineral makeup that is 100% pure.  The minerals used in Ferro Cosmetics eco-manufactured formulas are crushed purified rocks that offer the skin so many natural healing benefits, but those same rocks also “rock” as a high performance, long wear makeup.

Impressed is not the word for how I felt when I learned that Ferro Cosmetics uses three times the minerals as their competitors.  Ferro Cosmetics contain 100% pure and natural earth-derived ingredient.  You won’t find Bismuth or Cornstarch either!  I was Blessed to receive a bunch of goodies from Ferro Cosmetics for review! The colors are gorgeous!

Ferro Cosmetics entire line is impressive, easy to use, and competitively priced considering its prestige level of ingredients, sourcing and manufacturing

  • Pink Ice Eye Candy Mineral Eye Shadow, Guilty Eye Candy Mineral Eye Shadow, Captivating Eye Candy Mineral Eye Shadow – This is a New Fall Launch Color! ~ These vegan mineral eye shadows stay true all day, 15 hours or more to be exact!  With other intensely pigmented shadows I find that after a few hours my eyelids begin to itch like mad.  That’s because of all the additives and preservatives in them.  I can wear Ferro Mineral Eye Shadows with no problems at all.  These colors are so safe and pure you can even use them on your lips and body.  The Pink Ice Eye Candy is great for lightening a lipstick that is too dark for instance.  I just dip my clear lip gloss stick lightly into the pot and then swipe over my lips.  Voila!  A lighter shimmery shade!  Price ~ $9.99 each.
  • Ultimate Mineral Light Beige Foundation ~ Although my skin is in pretty good shape I like a full coverage foundation because I like to apply a very scant amount and have it cover well.  Ferro Cosmetics Ultimate Mineral Foundation is fabulous for a few reasons.  First the color matches my skin exactly.  It is the perfect shade for me!  Second, and most importantly, it stays true.  I believe that many products oxidize on my face causing them to turn a hideous shade of orange.  It is just so ugly.  So the shade I buy is not the shade I wind up with.  It is so frustrating.  Ferro Cosmetics did not become another color on my face after an hour. 🙂  No morphing!  I love that! Use with sponge, concealer brush, or wet to make Ultimate Camouflage makeup. Price ~ $25.95
  • Glow baby Glow Mineral Bronzer ~ Bronzer scares me!  I’ve tried quite a few and always looked like a lost a fight with an oompa loompa.  That orange streak over my cheeks is not becoming.  So I just stay away from bronzer.  But Glow baby isn’t what I would call ‘your typical bronzer’.  I can apply this color on my cheeks for a pretty glow, no orange, I promise!  If I want to look like I’ve been kissed by the sun, I mix a little bit into my foundation!  Yup, that was my idea and it looks fabulous!  When I do that, I dip my clear lip gloss into the pot and use Glow baby Glow Bronzer as my lip color.  The look is so natural, soft and pretty!  Price ~ $15
  • Berrylicious Mineral Blush X3 ~ As I’ve gotten older I realized I look better with a matte finish blush on my cheek.  Gone are those glittery, garish blushes of yesteryear!  Today I go for a soft, muted tone that’s a bit subtle. Berrylicious Mineral Blush is a beautiful berry shade that has no shimmer or sheen.  Because it contains natural oil absorbing clay Ferro Cosmetics Mineral Blush keeps my face shine free all day!  Price ~ $16.95

Ferro Cosmetics gives women choices in finishes by creating products that offer both Matte and Illuminating finishes within the entire line.

Ferro Cosmetics are concentrated, just a fraction of what is normally needed from other brands for an application is all you need with Ferro Cosmetics products.  Don’t be heavy handed.  Use a tiny amount on your brush and I know you will love the results!  Each jar of Ferro Cosmetics will last twice a long as other brands of mineral makeup.  I love that once my makeup is done in the morning, it’s done!  There’s no touching up, no fading, no smearing.  My makeup looks as good in the afternoon as it does when I apply it in the morning.  And my sensitive skin loves Ferro Cosmetics.  I have no irritation, itching, hives or breaking out!

When I apply Ferro Cosmetics they are weightless.  I don’t have a mask-like feeling on my face.  Liquid and cream foundations can feel heavy and leave an ugly line on my face if I’m not careful.  That’s not the case with Ferro Cosmetics.  These blend so well.  And if I want a more glamorous look for a night out, I just apply a bit heavier eye shadow application.

Ferro Cosmetics was founded on helping women and making them happy and confident. In their commitment to better the lives of others and encourage women empowerment, Ferro Cares has fostered partnerships with Haven Houses for abused women and children, with ongoing plans to work with more women- and children-based charities and non-profit organizations.  Click HERE to read more about the many ways that Ferro Cosmetics gives back to the community!

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The generous folks at Ferro Cosmetics are going to Bless ONE Leslie Loves Veggies Reader with a $50 Gift Certificate to be used on the Ferro Cosmetics Website.  Thank you so much!

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