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Windex is 75 Years Old Prize Package! {Rafflecopter Giveaway}

Windex® is celebrating it’s 75th Anniversary of Streak-Free Shine!

Windex through the years!  A great cleaner then a fabulous cleaner now!Way back in 1936 the Drackett Company introduced Windex® in the middle of the Great Depression and marketed it as an automible windshield cleaner. The first Windex® formula was colored blue to appeal to consumers and packaged in 6 ounce glass bottles.

I remember back in the ’60’s Windex® changed it’s formula by boosting it’s ammonia level!  Windex cleaned better ‘n ever!

There were quite a few changes here and there over the years!  Two more of my favorites were the addition of the Windex® Country Garden Poutpourri  in 1995 and the Windex® Outdoor All-in-One Glass Cleaning Tool which launched in 2008.  This product allowed me to clean the outside of my windows easily for the first time ever!

I’m often called the “Queen of Windex” by my family because it’s one of my favorite cleaning products.  If you think Windex is just for glass, you are so wrong!  You obviously missed one of my all time favorite movies, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, in which a character uses Windex for just about everything! Including skin ailments!  Ha! No, I never tried that!

I was Blessed to receive some really neat Windex products for review!

Windex brings a sparkling, streak-free shine to glass and more!

  • Windex® Original – Trusted by generations for its famous streak-free shine, Windex® Original is perfect for cleaning almost every hard surface in my home!  The key ingredient, Ammonia-D®, seems to dissolve grime, fingerprints and oily dirt before I even have a chance to wipe!  Can be used on glass, marble, sealed granite, windows, mirrors, bathroom fixtures and so much more!  Available in eco-friendly two-liter refills as well as 26 oz trigger spray bottle.
  • Windex® Multi-Surface Vinegar – My mom always said that vinegar was the best cleaning agent!  She was so right!  Windex® Multi-Surface Vinegar is very versatile and I’ve been using it throughout my home with great results.  It doesn’t contain ammonia so it’s gentle on most surfaces and still leaves a streak-free shine.  The fragrance is fresh and clean too!  Can be used to clean countertops, glass windows, appliances, stainless steel, ceramics, vinyl and so much more.
  • Windex Electronics Wipes, 25-Count – I had never seen Windex Electronic Wipes before this review!  These are some kinda fabulous. You receive 25 pre-moistened, anti-static wipes in each resealable package.  I’ve used them to clean the television, computer, cell phone and Hubby’s telescope lens.  They remove dust, dirt, smudges and fingerprints easily and leave no streaks or hazy film.  This product was just launched in 2011!  It’s one of the newest in the Windex family!

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The generous folks at Windex® are going to Bless ONE Leslie Loves Veggies Reader with a Prize Package that will include full sizes of:  Windex® Original, Windex® Multi-Surface Vinegar and Windex Electronics Wipes, 25-Count {$10.97 Value} Thank you so much!

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    Would love to see how the Electronics Dry Cloths work on cleaning electronics too!

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    I would like to use the electronics dry cloths on my pc and tv screens. It would be nice to use something that wouldn’t streak.

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    Shannon Herrington says:

    Oh the wonders of Windex! This product really is amazing, this past year I’ve used the Multi Surface Vinegar more than many of my other cleaning supplies because of its results. Happy Birthday Windex

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    I would like to try Windex multi-surface with vinegar.

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    This Windex package would certainly come in handy for me as I began window painting! I am a people greeter at Walmart and they asked me to decorate/paint their windows for the holidays…12 windows! : )

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