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DailySteals.com – This hateful ad appeared on their site today! I am sick!

Were they trying to to be humorous? http://toys.dailysteals.com/

In this day and age of beaten and abused children I don’t find this funny! This product description for the New Disney Pix Click Digital Camera with LCD Screen and Disney Pix Photo Editing Software has since been changed.  That doesn’t negate the fact that this offensive description was posted on DailySteals.com earlier today.


“Ah kids, everyone’s worst nightmare. They’re terrible to sit next to in pretty much any situation, be it on a bus, on a plane, in a waiting room, etc. Kids are active little creatures that lack the brain capacity to calm themselves in a manner that isn’t explosive. Therefore, the worst situation is being near a kid that does not have the option of running free like a dog or something. Come to think of it, kids are very much like dogs. If dogs had opposable thumbs they would eat like children. The good thing about kids, however, is that most of them are so stupid that you can just give them something and they’ll be occupied for hours. Like this Disney Pix Click Digital Camera, for instance. You give a kid this and BAM, you don’t have some annoying little thing constantly bugging you to change the channel to an asinine cartoon while you’re trying to concentrate on something you legitimately enjoy. Go ahead, let it outside, let it run around … just make sure you put its collar on in case it gets lost.”

I cried until I was sick, live chatted with a woman and got no where and finally called TV Personality Clark Howard and spoke with his staff.  They may be covering this story.  I am not only offended, I am livid!  Children are my life.  This is the kind of nonsense that desensitizes us to the fact that child abuse is a horrific act of brutalization on the most precious thing in the world our children!  Stand silent?  No!  Please boycott DailySteals.com!

Find them on these Social Media and let them know how displeased you are!
Daily Steals on Facebook
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  1. 1

    WTH??? Wow…
    and the NEW description is dripping with sarcasm. What kind of company is this????

  2. 3

    Wow. That’s just awful. And the “new” description just ticks me off.

    I’d rather pay full price somewhere else than to shop with them.

    Signed one VERY proud Mom of SIX.

  3. 5

    WOW, that is ridiculous!! What in the HAY were they thinking? oh wait, they weren’t thinking..Children are precious and I will support the ban of their site! The part about the “collar” really had me fuming!!

    Thanks for putting them on blast Leslie. People need to speak up for what’s right and I commend you for doing that!

    • 6

      Thank you Joey. Children are not a commodity for websites with dollar and cents signs in their eyes.

      How sad and low we have sunk as a society when we can think that this is numerous. Hug your kids! I just got a chill. I spent all day yesterday teaching my Little Guy his letters, he’s 2. They can keep that camera. Time spent with my Little Guy over crayons and paper is priceless!

  4. 8
    Just Coupons says:

    Wow! An obvious Child-Hater wrote that! I agree everyone needs to boycott that place!
    Good call on contacting Clark Howard – I hope they do run this story.
    As a stay at home mom and homeschool mom – I adore my kids.
    You did the right thing! We are quickly turning into a No Morals society any more – anyone and everyone can say whatever they want and it is getting out of hand.


    • 9

      Thank you so much C,

      I agree. I love my kids too. We are turning into a No Morals society and to turn a blind eye is condoning it. No can do!

  5. 10

    I just saw they changed the “story” – Clearly, it is a sarcastic reaction to the negative response they got from the original one.

    • 11


      Very sarcastic and still no apology. I spoke with them on the phone and asked for a public apology from them. Where is it? I have no ida

      Thanks 3bagsfull!

  6. 12

    The “new description” isn’t at all better, just being sarcastic and well “sugar” coating what they originally said. I’m glad you (and most likely other parents) said something about it. This is just sickening.

    I agree with Angie, I would pay full price anywhere else but that site.

    ~Jess, mama of two~

    • 13

      I agree whole heatedly Jess! An online toy store that refers to a child as stupid and talks about having them wear a dog collar will never see my business. That shows the type of employees they have working for them And if the management lets this slide by then they are at fault in a huge way. How this happened in the first place is beyond me. How could someone who obviously has such disdain for children work for an online toy store?


  7. 14

    Wow Leslie I’d just posted this this morning but, I never even bothered to read their stupid input, cause it always sounds crazy, but that is just horrible. Going to take my post down!

  8. 16

    Is this site for real? I looked up @mentions of them on twitter and came across this toy description: http://toys.dailysteals.com/daily-deals/2332/New-Grow’n-Up-My-First-Draw-‘n-Dabble-Easel-with-Storage-Tray-and-Eraser.aspx

    (pasted here in case they change it again)

    “There can only be one.
    I was walking around the park with my two children when I saw something slightly peculiar. A man with a prominent goatee was arranging a large amount of Grow’n Up My First Draw ‘n Dabble Easels. Kids and parents alike were watching from a safe distance, wondering if they would be invited to use the toys.

    With my kids begging me to go over, I decided to approach the goateed man.

    “What’s going on here?” I asked him.

    “Oh, get this; you’re gonna love it. I’m setting up all these easels for the kids, right? Well, then I’m going to capture them all and put them in my basement. I’m not actually going to do anything, but I’m going to tell them that only one of them is allowed to be in charge and they have to fight it out amongst themselves. Then a year later we’ll add more kids to shake it up and we can probably make some kind of Lord of the Flies type show out of it and make millions of dollars. You want to give me a hand with this?”

    “Um …” I stammered in disbelief that someone actually told me what I just heard. “No …”

    I walked back to my kids and they asked if they were allowed to play with the easels. They cried when I said they couldn’t.”

  9. 17
    Kent Williams says:

    How can you not love that?!

  10. 18
    Maegan Morin says:

    What total and complete BS!! I read your post and just couldnt believe it! I never liked their page or went to their website and now I never will!!

  11. 19
    Danielle Khrino says:

    What the heck is wrong with those people? It’s been awhile since I’ve checked out their site. They have always had a funny little story to go wih the product. BUT never like the ones I’m reading now! How freaking disturbing! I’m hoping someone hacked their site. To think that daily steals would write stuff like that is disturbing! I have 3 kids 15, 14, and 3, I will not be buying ANYTHING from them! I hope everyone else boycotts them as well! Maybe they will get the message that we don’t appreciate their disgusting crude humor! I cannot believe they would write thay crap! BOYCOTT DAILY STEALS!!!!!

  12. 20

    There is something seriously wrong with the people who run this site. Have you read any of the other product descriptions? They’re all pretty horrifying. Seriously, I’m usually a very laid-back, “oh, come on, it’s just a joke!” kind of person, but I’m looking at this site going “how could anyone think this stuff is okay? And why would anyone buy from them?!”

  13. 21

    Their ads are awful. No one reads them before they use them (obviously). The one for the propeller clock and the dead grandfather is really bad also. They don’t have a good advertising person or they let anyone post anything. Terrible.

  14. 23
    Patricia H says:

    In my opinion, their site, or whoever is in charge of writing this particular ad on it, is a moron. I wonder if Disney is aware of their comments. I am sure if they were, they wouldn’t be very thrilled. I won’t be patronizing their site.

  15. 24

    Thanks for your comments guys!

  16. 25

    What is wrong with these people!!! This is the description that is up for a propellor alarm clock. It is not even slightly funny. I will make it a point to NEVER shop with these people.

    I just didn’t have the heart to tell him…
    Well, it might have been more of a combination of not having the heart to tell him and having a little bit too much on my mind. Three generations of males in the Green family were gathered in a dark room on a Tuesday afternoon. One of them was myself, dressed in a suit, sitting down with a blank stare on my face. Another was my son, Barry, running around the room as any 4 year old would. Lastly was my father, horizontal in his casket, eyes closed in eternal rest. He had just died the day before.

    “Grandpa should wake up and play with me!” Barry said.

    “… Grandpa’s not waking up …” I murmured solemnly.

    I looked at him for a second before titling my head back down to stare at the floor. We were at the funeral parlor getting ready for the wake. My father’s death was not a surprise, he was 90 and a lifelong smoker, but that still doesn’t prepare you for the moment it finally happens.

    “This will wake him up!” Barry shouted. I hadn’t even realized he left the room, but now he had returned with the Flying Alarm Clock. He set the clock up on the floor and put the alarm time a few minutes ahead. He ran around the room, excited for the alarm to go off and for his grandfather to wake up. I tried to warn him, but I couldn’t muster the strength. I kept staring at the floor and a thumping in my head pounded and pounded and pounded.

    The pounding culminated into a burst of an alarm sound and the propeller flew high into the air and floated to a stop somewhere in the room. Barry ran around hyper-actively while screaming that his grandfather needed to wake up. He gradually slowed down and came to a silent stop next to the casket. The alarm kept blasting as Barry just barely managed to get out a, “Grandpa? … Grandpa?”

    “Daddy, why won’t Grandpa wake up?”

    Before I could even start to think about how I could explain it, my dad shot up from the casket.

    “Where’s that damn propeller?”

  17. 26

    That’s horrible! I wonder if their site might have been hacked.

  18. 27

    I am speechless! What kind of a person posts such things? I think having a sense of humor is a great thing but this…it is so *NOT* funny! My 3 children are the best thing that ever happened to me and to read such garbage is just appalling. I do so hope the sick individual that wrote that piece of garbage does not have children and never does! Further to this, I hope he doesn’t have any pets either! I shall be shaking my head all day over this one…:0(

  19. 28

    Thank you for posting this…
    I had no clue..
    I even went to make sure that I was not a fan of them on facebook, nor a twitter follower!
    that is just horrible…
    I also emailed my contact at Disney to see if they could forward to the appropriate department and make sure everyone knew about this…
    Livid… I am simply LIVID.

    • 29

      Thank you for emailing Disney! I don’t work with them so I don’t have a contact. I’ve notified my local authorities about their website as well. They are on the radar now!

  20. 30

    I shared a few of the ones I found to the be the most disturbing too: http://sunshineandsippycups.com/2011/11/outraged-join-me-in-boycotting-dailysteals-com-abuse-of-kids-in-toy-ads-is-not-ok/

    I’m going to link to your post too Leslie. This is just ridiculous, and gross. I’m really hoping that they get some serious repercussions for all of this.

    Today they’ve posted on their Facebook wall – just some little fun comment. So that means they’ve seen all of the comments and complaints on there, and have ignored them. Which makes me even madder. Ugh.

  21. 31

    Wow! I can’t believe they compare children to dogs and refer to a child as “it” and tell you to put a collar on a child.

  22. 32

    Wth? Is this person stupid? I say yes, and I say a lot of other things, but I’ll keep it G rated.

  23. 33
    Kelly Hutchinson says:

    I posted on FB and twitter about how disgusting these people are. I will not buy anything from them again. Makes me sick.

  24. 34

    Thanks for your comments guys!

  25. 35

    OK, I’m a single woman who refers to her dogs as her children…but if I did have HUMAN children, I wouldn’t refer to them as DOGS! Especially in an ad for a children’s product! I looked at a few of their other blurbs…they’re all fairly moronic. However, this one crossed the line and I do hope this gets out there because companies should suffer the consequences for making idiotic public statements.

  26. 36
    Kerig Pope says:

    I made my first purchase with Daily Steals a little over a week ago. I didn’t spend much, but 2 of the items came unpackaged and just thrown into an envelope (no box, no instructions, missing parts) which I will not be able to use as gifts as intended. So I looked into this company a bit more and was shocked to find that it’s a hole-in-the-wall warehouse space in a run-down Brooklyn neighborhood, run by a bunch of 20 year olds. I then found their videos on You Tube and I got a better feel for how shabby this company is. This is NOT Woot.com!

    So tonight I’m scanning their Facebook page to see whether other complaints have been made and I find this topic about their descriptive copy (I don’t usually read the “stories” since most are a poorly written waste of time) and now I’m disgusted at what I reading here!

    I’m not going to bother returning the garbage they sent me. Lesson learned. But I’m NEVER going to buy from them again, and I’m going to try my hardest to keep others from their disgusting site full of garbage products and horrible service!

  27. 38

    People… it’s not Disney that did this. It’s Daily Steals, who runs offers on all sorts of different items. Daily Steals is who should be boycotted.

    I’m shocked by what they wrote. Did you read the new description? In case you haven’t seen it, it now says,
    Everything was super happy and nice.
    All the little children of the land got together to go on an adventure. Their destination was an enchanted forest to the north of the town where it was believed that an ancient spirit that loves children lived. The group gathered up their Disney Pix Click Cameras and headed off early in the morning.

    They had the most fun they ever had taking pictures of the marshmallow bushes and licorice trees. They found a telephone shaped like a smiley face that they used to call their mothers. They told them all about the world they had discovered and that they wanted their entire families to move there. They said it was great because nothing could get in without the explicit permission of the people inside.

    “Finally,” one of them said.

    And everyone lived happily ever after with sugar and marshmallows and cherries on top with gigantic smiles that never fade.

    One of the writers is obviously upset that they had to change their post. Now I have double the reason to boycott Daily Steals. The least they could have done was apologize and write a decent post. I believe I may blog about this as well, to help spread the word.

    • 39

      I spoke with them on the phone Jan. Their Live Chat person gave me the run around for over 45 minutes. I’ve even called my local authorities. Yes I did read the new listing. Dripping with sarcasm. How sick they are.

  28. 40

    FYI… If anyone wants to contact Daily Steals there is a “Leave Feedback” button on the bottom right of the deal page. To contact them through Facebook or Twitter you’d have to ‘Like’ their page first, which I’m not going to do.

  29. 41
    Tami Lewis says:

    this is unbelievable! how can they get away with this? i wonder if disney knows how their products are advertised? (or do they even care?!) unbelievable!

  30. 42

    I’ve written a post about this, which will go ‘live’ today. I wrote to K’Nex letting them know the advertisement connected with the Sesame Street Set, and to Crayola telling them what’s written regarding their Color Wonder. Possibly if some of these companies object it will make a difference.

  31. 43
  32. 44
    Kerig Pope says:

    I have brought this to the attention of CNN. If you’re as outraged as I am then please do the same. Here’s the link to their News Tip contact form:

    • 45

      You go girl! I called my local police dept. who are now keeping an eye on these creeps!

      • 46

        I’m actually a proud father!
        I went back through their older toy ads and apparently this has been going on for quite some time. It makes me sick to my stomach to think that this all could be something more than simple ignorant callousness. I pray that I’m wrong.

  33. 47
    Kerig Pope says:

    There’s one past toy ad from them that REALLY made my skin craw which everyone should read:

    At first I didn’t understand what was meant by the phrase “I put the lotion in the basket” so I Googled it and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up when I learned it was from The Silence of the Lambs and was spoken by the serial child murderer of that story. I won’t share the details here, google it and see for yourself.

    There is something horribly wrong at Daily Steals and I’m making it my mission to get the word out on them!

  34. 48

    Did Disney first write and approve this for the camera? If so, I think it is appalling, and Disney should also be boycotted. I know they changed it, but their PR firm wrote it in the first place, and Disney must have approved it. It only goes to show us that they only care about profit, not our kids. I say, boycott them both. Let’s make sure Disney fires this PR firm that hates children.

    • 49

      I doubt that Disney approved that post Danielle. I bet they had no idea that Daily Steals wrote that garbage. I give them the benefit of the doubt on this one. However they do need to be more diligent on who they have peddling their wares.

      Thanks for your comment! I know quite few bloggers have emailed their Disney contacts to let them know about this!

  35. 50

    Good Morning & Happy Thanksgiving,
    Just wanted to let you know that Daily Steals has removed most of the descriptions we’ve been discussing. Interesting.

    • 51
      Kerig Pope says:

      Yep, they sure did change them, looks like someone was busy over the holiday. Although not all have been changed. Some of the older ones are still the same, including when they sold the Disney cameras back in September:
      And the one I posted about in post 33 (above) is still there.

      It’s sickening that the owner/management NEVER addressed this and deleted complaints from their Facebook page. Plus once the complaints started to show on their FB page they quickly ran a photo contest in what seemed like an attempt to bury the complaints pages deep.

      Sure they were using these “storied” descriptions to try to mimic the success of Woot.com. But after reading all those descriptions 2 days ago I really feel that they have a child hater/molester/predator amongst their employees. That’s what worries me the most!

      I hope others will read this blog and steer clear of Daily Steals and that this company dies quickly!

  36. 52

    You should notify disney they woyld likely send them a cease and desist and not allow them to represent or sell their products in that manner – they are very particular. Its horrorific what they are doing and they won’t get any business from me –

  37. 53

    This company is atrocious. Not only do they condone abuse of children, they find it humorous. They also enjoy ripping off senior citizens and being abusive to customers who object to their shoddy business practices. Wish you luck with the boycott. They need to be held accountable.

  38. 54
    Judith VanAlphen says:

    I definately am not in support of this product ad. We damn the words but often guilty of the act. If our kids watch more then 1 hr of screen (TV and computer games) a day then we are quilty of just “getting them out of our hair” while damaging their brains at the same time.