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DermOrganic Hair Care Prize Package {Rafflecopter Giveaway}

DermOrganic is an all vegan professional product line of sulfate-free, gluten-free Hair Care treatments for radiant hairWe all know that what goes on our skin goes into your body.  That’s why I choose my skin and hair care products very carefully.  I don’t want chemicals, preservatives and the like permeating my skin and going into my body. I usually use my hair care products once daily but stylists have their hands in shampoos; conditioners and other hair care products numerous times throughout the day.  Over the course of their lifetime the exposure to toxic ingredients can be a true health hazard.  DermOrganic Laboratories, Inc. was founded in 1996 to specifically provide safe, yet effective skin and hair care products to the professional community.

I was Blessed to receive four products from the DermOrganic Hair Care line for review.

Yes!  You can enjoy a professional hair care product line that doesn’t cost a small fortune, contains the highest quality ingredients, and is vegan!  Oh did I mention that DermOrganic Hair Care is infused with Argan Oil, one of the world’s most luxurious, precious oils!
DermOrganic Hair Care is a professional line of all vegan, sulfate-free, gluten-free treatments for radiant hair

I have dry hair and I color it, which tends to dry it out even more.  I’m Blessed that I have a stylist I love!  I’ve been her client for over 15 years!  She puts up with my hair shenanigans, pampers me and she gives me professional semi-permanent, professional hair color to apply at home.  Neat right?  I get the same results but instead of paying 60 bucks I just pay her for the products!  Even though these are the best products around I still have to choose my shampoo, conditioner and treatments with care.  If I want my color to stay true without fading I need a gentle shampoo that safe for color-treated hair.  Daily Conditioning Shampoo is made with the same in ingredients found in facial cleansers.  A little less than a full pump creates a thick, rich head of creamy lather that doesn’t “over clean” my hair.  The formula is free of sulfates and it’s gluten free and has a pH of 4.5-5.5.  All the DermOrganic Hair Care Products have a light, clean fragrance so they’re nice for men and women!  And I have to be honest with you, $16 is a steal for a full size bottle of professional formula shampoo!

After I shampoo I always follow with a conditioner.  If I didn’t I wouldn’t be able to run a comb through my hair.  I like to mix things up when it comes to treatments.  Depending on the time of year, humidity, and the condition of my hair I use a simple rinse or a deep conditioner.  DermOrganic has a variety of products for all my ‘hair issues’.  I love Daily Hydrating Conditioner, which looks very thick in the pump bottle but rinses like a dream! Half a pump is all I need for my thick mess of hair but if I use a whole pump it still rinses out nicely and doesn’t weigh my hair down and leave it feeling heavy or greasy.  DermOrganic Daily Hydrating Conditioner eliminates frizz, removes tangles, and leaves my hair smooth, shiny and silky smooth.  But it doesn’t contain silicone, propylene glycol or glycerin; the culprits which are guilty of leaving you with that flat, icky, stick-to-your-head hair.  Price ~ $16.

Once or twice a week when I need a little extra conditioning or right after coloring I reach for DermOrganic Intensive Hair Repair Masque.   Unlike other masques, which require 20-30 minutes, Intensive Hair Masque is applied right after shampooing and left on for just 1 minute.  That’s all!  It’s rich in Omega-6, Antioxidants, Rice Keratin Amino Acids and Essential Lipids which help repair and protect hair and improve it’s elasticity.  Intensive Hair Repair Masque is vegan, like all DermOrganic Hair Care Products!  It rinses out easily and doesn’t leave a heavy build up!  As a matter of fact you can use it daily if your hair tends to be on the dry side.  And the fragrance is light and clean.  Price ~ $16.

To finish my hair and leave it shiny, healthy and even speed up drying time I like to apply a few drops (just a few) of Leave in Treatment with Argan Oil.  I put the bottle on the edge of the shower and after shampooing and conditioning I squeeze as much water out of my hair as possible.  While my hair is still very damp and warm I take 2 or 3 drops of the Leave in Treatment with Argan Oil and work it between my palms and starting at the tips of my hair I work it through to the roots.  Then I put my hair up in a towel while I put on my makeup. The results are really fabulous.  My hair is super shiny, soft and no static!  If you straighten or use a curling iron the Leave in Treatment is an extra added plus!  Price ~ $25.  DermOrganic has quite a few products in their hair care line up these are the basics. 🙂

The entire DermOrganic Hair Care Product line can be purchased online at Ulta Beauty. Be sure to stop by and check them all out!

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The generous folks at DermOrganic are going to Bless ONE Leslie Loves Veggies Reader with a DermOrganic Hair Care Prize Package that includes full size bottles of Daily Conditioning Shampoo, Daily Hydrating Conditioner, Intensive Hair Repair Masque and Leave in Treatment with Argan Oil. {$73 Value} Thank you so much!

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  1. 1

    Argan Oil is one of the world’s most precious oils, a beauty secret women of the Moroccan desert have known for centuries

  2. 2

    what happen to the rafflecopter, twiited this today, 27/12

  3. 4
    Deneen K Berry says:

    I also think Sea Kelp is a good conditioner

  4. 5
    Sharon Kaminski says:

    there are no artificial preservatives in the products which is great

  5. 6

    I fell in love with Argon Oil. It’s awesome. It makes your hair healthy and grow longer fast.

  6. 7

    DermOrganic® products are made without salt, sodium chloride or other artificial thickeners.

  7. 8
    ELIZABETH C. says:

    Only uses ingredients that are safe and effective.

  8. 9
    Lori Bazan says:

    No animal testing always wins me over!

  9. 10

    The products are vegan, which is great for me!

  10. 11
    natalie machowski says:

    the products are safe and vegan

  11. 12
    Mark Gosnell says:

    Cool and awesome giveaway.

  12. 13

    I learned that DermOrganic® Leave-In Treatment has the unique property of speeding up blow dry time by up to 30%!

  13. 14
    Jo Ann Moffatt says:

    The products are all vegan.

  14. 15

    the products are vegan. Thankyou, Ken

  15. 16
    Gloria Tea says:

    In the products I can see there are no artificial preservatives…thats awesome!

  16. 17
    Missy Marie says:

    I like the ingredients~ Omega-6, Antioxidants, Rice Keratin Amino Acids and Essential Lipids. Awesome:)

  17. 18
    Sharon Rozier says:

    Argan Oil based Treatments, DermOrganic contains no alcohol, no dyes, and no artificial preservatives. That is important to me.

  18. 19

    They have no artificial hair thickeners

  19. 20
    sandra mitchell says:

    The products are not tested on animals

  20. 21

    It was interesting to learn that the products are vegan!

  21. 22
    Stephanie Larison says:

    No animal testing!

  22. 23

    their leave in treatment for hair . Because of its viscous formula, it will not weigh fine hair down. Me I just love the use of the word viscous, you don’t run into that one every day. Think it’s the first time I’ve ever seen the word in the context of beauty supplies

  23. 24
    Kathleen Quinlan says:


  24. 25
    sandra davis says:

    argan oil is used for food source, cosmetics, cooking and as an ointment

  25. 26
    kim huster says:

    It’s vegan and salt-free!

  26. 27
    christie kammerer says:

    no animal testing is a Huge thing for me.

  27. 28

    I learned that DermOrganic products are paraben-free

  28. 29
    Elna Goc-Ong says:

    organic things makes life simpler but more effective

  29. 30

    No animal testing!

  30. 31

    The leave in treatment looks great!

  31. 32
    Vanessa Rose Palacio says:

    What I learned about DermOrganic Hair Care Products is Argan oil is sometimes called “liquid gold”, and is believed to be one of the reasons Moroccan women maintain supple, radiant skin even as they live in the dry climate.

  32. 33

    I love that these products are sulfate free!

  33. 34
    Liz Figler says:

    they do not test on animals!

  34. 35

    Dermorganic products are sulfate-free.

  35. 36
    Kathy Artis says:

    Conditioning Shampoo

  36. 37
    Allan Reyes says:

    rgan oil is sometimes called “liquid gold”,

  37. 38
    jeanette sheets says:

    argian oil is one of the most precious oils in the world

  38. 39

    Excema makes scalps very sensitive and itchy. This sounds wonderful and natural, and should be the perfect solution

  39. 40

    DermOrganic products contain no artificial preservatives and are Paraben-free

  40. 41
    Caitlin Chapman says:

    Argan cultivation is a women only business!

  41. 42
    Ella Dalistan says:

    DermOrganic® is the only shampoo made with a proprietary blend of EFA Lipid and Amino-Acid based skin cleansers. That means it is the only shampoo to moisturize, strengthen and rebuild the hair every time you clean your hair!

  42. 43
    donna harris says:

    I’ve learned a lot that it’s not tested on animals, contains no sulfates dyes, food coloring, no artificial preservatives, etc., it’s Paraben-Free and it’s all vegan. It also has Argan Oil, it leaves your hair soft, shiny and don’t weight it down and dull. I would love to win and try this products! Thanks Donna

  43. 44
    julie murphy says:

    they do not test on animals

  44. 45

    i wish to have it.. coz my hair is so frizzy..

  45. 46

    Like many others, I love the fact it is a vegan product. I have tried the brand before and loved the quality and effect it had on my hair.

  46. 47
    Kathy Smith says:

    I learned that it is vegan and no animal by products, which is great.

  47. 48
    Denise Welch says:

    Great Gaveaway love to try hear good thinks about it

  48. 49
    cynthia mahoney says:

    All vegan and no animal testing

  49. 50
    Kayleen Considine says:

    I learned that Argan Oil is a precious oil and is one of the reasons Moroccan women have supple skin, even in the dry climate.

  50. 51

    No animal testing

  51. 52

    This would be great to win.

  52. 53
    Dee Hadley says:

    They will be talking about this product on The Talk on Thursday. This product is all organic and gluten free

  53. 54
    Diana Moody says:

    This is a fantastic prize and I would certainly use it!

  54. 55
    Sylvia Zajis says:

    They offer a soapless facial cleanser.

  55. 56
    Kathy Donovan-Ellis says:

    They do not test products on animals

  56. 57
    Amy Taylor says:

    there are no artificial preservatives in the products

  57. 58
    Gary Tracey says:

    Thanks for such an nice offer.

  58. 59

    products are vegan and natural :]

  59. 60
    Kathleen Hand says:

    no animal testing!

  60. 61

    it is vegan

  61. 62
    steve mccuan says:

    n recent years use of the word “organic” has become regulated by various governmental agencies in the USA, the many states, and some foreign countries. In the USA, “organic” is a legal term that refers, in part, to agricultural products grown in a specified manner, without pestisides; to the process itself; as well as to foods that meet a specific standard for the manner in which it is grown, handled, processed and sold.

  62. 63
    Alison King says:

    The products are all vegan.