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Project FIG Shave Gel {Review} Finally A Shave Gel for Intimate Grooming That Works!

Project FIG Shave Gel has the ability to stay on the skin when needed and then rinse completely with water.

Ladies, have you had that miserable experience shaving “down there” with an itch you can’t scratch.  Some women avoid grooming that area like the plague and some try shaving again in case they did something wrong. I always assumed it was something that I was doing wrong when I shaved my “no no square.” I’d apprehensively approach the grooming again, with a different product. I would try a different type of razor or soap, hoping for a better outcome.   I was once told that all you had to do after shaving was to relax in boxer shorts and slather myself in Vaseline. Alas, nothing worked.

This is possibly the most horrific story I’ll ever share. I had a roommate in college and she was just out there: loud, obnoxious, and had to be the center of attention (maybe that’s why we didn’t get along).  She had that patronizing sneer perfected. She told me I wasn’t doing anything wrong when I shaved, the only thing I had to do was use “this certain product.”   Her special shaving cream was awful.  It was no better than anything that I had ever grabbed off the drugstore shelf before. In fact it was worse!   Honest to goodness, if you didn’t know me you would have thought I had herpes. I was itchy, red, and generally uncomfortable. I think it was such an awful product and that’s why she gave it to me. Hmm maybe she really didn’t like me. This shave was no different than any other shave. Stop don’t touch me there that is my no no square, and it burned like the plague!

Project FIG Shave Gel is designed to soften hair and prepare the skin for an ultra-close intimate shave without the usual irritation to delicate areas.

Since that experience, I have been very careful how I groom my bikini zone. A few weeks ago Aunt Leslie did a fabulous review on a product called PROJECT FIG. She told I must use the Shave Gel if anything out of their line. I was blessed to receive a bottle for review. Project Fig, is a great company with products specifically for shaving down there! They know how irritating shaving can be so they add an ultra gentle agent in their gel.

PROJECT FIG Shave Gel softens the hair and skin so I receive an ultra close, irritation free shave.

The formula allows the razor to glide over my skin and that means no cuts, razor burns, ingrown hairs or itchiness! It doesn’t have a huge lather, so keep that in mind. Put it on the area; work it into the hair and shave in the direction of the hair growth! Take your time! The outcome is incredible. No cuts, razor burn or anything negative. I was thrilled with how well it worked considering I have had nothing but bad experiences. It’s really great to use on sensitive underarms too!

I am so thrilled with my results after using Project Fig Shave Gel.  If you hate shaving down there or avoid it like the plague because of a past experience; I highly recommend trying Project Fig’s fabulous intimate shaving products. Spring and summer are just around the corner, be ready for all the warm weather has to bring!

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