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Lil’ Holster Silicone Pocket Organizer For Any Room In Your Home! Giveaway

Disclosure: Lil’ Holster provided products for this Review & Giveaway.  I was not financially compensated and all opinions are my own.

The Lil Holster Pocket Organizer is a silicone holder for small household objects like kitchen sponges

I was Blessed to receive two new Lil Holster Products for Review

I’m a neat freak and clutter drives me crazy.  Everything has a place and a place for everything is a motto I live by.  But keeping small items organized isn’t easy whether they’re in my kitchen, office or bathroom.  That’s why I really like Lil’ Holster, the portable silicone pocket organizer that holds all my necessities.

The Lil Holter Skinny Pocket Organizer cling without adhesive

While I love the idea of “pocket” type organizers I’ve always avoided them like the plague.  I simply don’t want to drill holes in my walls or endure sticky adhesive residue.  And lets face it suction cups don’t grip like they’re supposed to even in the shower.  But the Lil’ Holster, available in two different sizes is different.

The Lil’ Holster is a 100% silicone holder designed to hold small household items like kitchen sponges, hair brushes, bath soap, razors, cell phones, TV remotes and office supplies without glue, nails or suction cups.  Because of it’s clever design the Lil’ Holster clings to any smooth, flat, non-porous surface and remain there until you move it.

I use the Mini and Skinny Lil’ Holsters in my office.  The Skinny holds my pens, pencils, USB drive and other office supplies.  The Mini holds my iPhone, lipstick, gum and more!  Lil’ Holsters take up barely any room and leave my desk clutter free!

The Skinny Lil Holster Pocket Organizer is perfect for my office

Features of the Lil’ Holster

  •  Easy to clean and reuse anywhere in your home – Just rinse with water or wipe with rubbing alcohol.
  • The Lil’ Holster can be used in anywhere!  It’s got small drainage holes in the bottom of the pocket so it’s perfect for holding sponges in the kitchen and soap & razors in the shower.  The Skinny and Mini Lil’ Holsters are ideal for offices and dorms too.
  • Clings to tile, granite, glass, metal, porcelain, plaster and more – As long as the surface is smooth and non-porous The Mini and Skinny Lil’ Holster will stay put.
  • Heat resistant up to 250° F

Please visit www.lilhoster.com to learn more or to place an order for the Lil’ Holster pocket organizer

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The generous folks at Lil’ Holster are going to Bless TWO Readers with a Mini and Skinny Lil’ Holster in Winner’s choice of red, orange, light blue, green, white, gray or black. {$20 Value}

Easy Peasy Right! Please read rules prior to entering.  Giveaway will end on Monday 5/5 at Midnight.  Giveaway open to U.S. entries only.
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  1. 1
    Ms Gretchen Ann Luper says:

    I’d love to try both the mini and the skinny. My desk is so cluttered these would help tremendously.

  2. 2

    I love their Hobby Holsters! These smaller Lil’ Holsters would make perfect hobby holsters for little crafters to hold crayons, paint brushes, glue sticks, etc. 🙂

  3. 3
    Dianna Thomas says:

    I can see where these could really be handy. Next to my desk to gather all my pens or pencils, and in the Kitchen for the little sponges–maybe even in the bathroom to holder little things for the little people that live her– I love the green Hobby Holster that is just the right size any place. THanks

  4. 4
    Ashley Trail says:

    I like the little mini holders , I have plenty of stuff that I could find uses for .

  5. 5
    Erika C. says:

    I would love to try the mini pocket holder, I can think of so many ways to use it.

  6. 6

    I need these in my shower. We have run out of space and could use these to hold our soap, shampoo, or other goodies.

  7. 7
    Lauryn R says:

    I want to try the mini AND the skinny holsters! I can see so many uses for them both. I like that they attach to just about anything! Pretty cool invention.

  8. 8

    I would like to try the Skinny in my bathroom.