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Tips For Traveling Safely With Grandchildren

Tips For Traveling Safely With Grandchildren and Master LockDisclosure: As part of the Master Lock Live Secure Safety Squad I’ll be receiving products throughout the upcoming year to review and giveaway.  The opinions expressed are always my own.

Spending time with my grandson is total yumminess!  Like most grandparents, Hubby and I work hard and the time we spend with Our Little Guy is pure enjoyment.  We’ve got a new granddaughter on the way and I suspect we’ll adjust quite easily to hitting the road with two just as we did with our own children.  I’m a stickler for safety, as most of you already know.  If you’re up to the ‘challenge’ of traveling with your precious wee ones here are some safety tips that will ensure a happy, safe and memorable trip for everyone!

Tips for Traveling Safely With Grandchildren By Car

Although I keep my car clean I always check the back seat for small objects my grandchild could choke on.  I place umbrellas, flashlights and larger objects in the back seat pocket to avoid flying debris in the event of a quick stop.  I’ve heard of parents being pelted with toys, cups and food while driving which is not only a huge distraction it’s incredibly dangerous!  Make sure your grandchildren know your “Rules Of The Road” and stick to them.  If the rules are broken pull to the side of the road as needed to reinforce positive behavior.

Know how to install your car seat and insist that your grandchild remains in it!

Tips for Traveling Safely With Grandchildren By Car

Keep the noise level to a reasonable level.  This allows you to concentrate on your driving and hear outside noises.  To keep My Little Guy occupied we play “Eye spy….”, “How many ____ color cars can we find?” and “Sing along with the radio.”  In addition to these nifty games I always ask my grandson how school is going which gets me a hilarious response!  And finally when we’re close to our house I ask him “How do we get home from here?”  And let me tell you that little fellow is developing a great sense of direction!

Do You Dare Travel By Air?

  • With a little lot of planning traveling safely with grandchildren can be fun!  You’ve gone to the expense of buying airline tickets now splurge and check your bags.  You’ve got a purse, diaper bag, umbrella stroller and how many grandkids to tend?  Check your bags online before you arrive at the airport.  While you’re doing that be sure to print your boarding passes.  Enough said! 🙂
  • Dress to impress!  Transportation Security Administration Security that is.  Now’s not the time to put your grandkid in a shirt with a gazillion buttons, an uncomfortable frilly dress with a metal zipper down the back or those outrageously expensive sneakers that even you must admit are a beast to lace up.  Opt instead for comfy clothes and slip on shoes and be sure to pack extra undies in case of accidents.
  • Even if your grandbaby is young enough sit on your lap it’s safer to have them strapped into their own seat.  The Federal Aviation Administration strongly urges you to secure your child in a Child Restraint System (CRS) or device for the duration of your flight.  Be sure to check with your airline for specific policies and remember to use an approved car seat on the way to and from the airport.
  • Diaper Bag Must Haves: Blanket (the flight is going to get chilly), pacifier to avoid painful, clogged ears during take off and landing, (juice or water and sugarless gum can be offered to older children) diapers, extra clothes, books, toys, snacks and children’s fever & pain reliever, travel approved sizes of diaper cream and baby products. (Juice, formula, breast milk and medications are exempt from the “liquids, gels and aerosols 3 oz. rule”).
  • Visit the restroom before boarding the plane at the last minute.  There’s no reason have the grandkids to be tethered to their seats longer than necessary before take off.

Traveling Safely With Master Lock

Tips For Traveling Safely With Grandchildren

To keep my little one from opening hotel room doors and to keep my family extra secure I pack my Master Dual Function Door Security Bar when traveling.  The Master Lock Dual Function Door Security Bar provides an extra layer of protection at even the finest hotels.

In addition to the Dual Function Door Security Bar, I also travel with my lightweight, portable Master Lock SafeSpace.  The cable wraps securely around fixed objects so my jewelry, id, credit cards & money are protected.  When I travel with my grandson I put medication in the SafeSpace so he can’t get it.  That way he’s protected!

Tips for traveling safely with the Master Lock Vault

Last but certainly not least I use the Master Lock Vault for storing copies of our birth certificates, IDs, copies of my grandson’s immunizations record, prescription & insurance card, and notarized medical release from his mom for medical care.

The Master Lock Vault Digital Safe Deposit Box is encrypted with the highest grade browser security available, which ensures that your data can only be viewed by you.  And you can access the Master Lock Vault from your iPhone or iPad anywhere.

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    Great advice and tips for every grandparent. I know that you often forget how quick a child can turn around and get into something they aren’t supposed too in a few minutes.

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    Love that Door Security Bar …especially useful if your hotel room has a ground floor patio door.
    Klutz travel books are a must…soooo helpful on road trips!

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    planning on traveling with grandkids this year and thanks for the tips