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Leslie Loves Veggies & Sibu Beauty

Leslie Loves Veggies is Featured on the Sibu Beauty Blog I have my choice of almost any skincare and vitamin regimen! I purchase Sibu!  Please stop by the Sibu Blog and read my interview.  Sibu is a company I'm honored to work with.  They are a company I stand behind!  And my family and I use their … [Read more...]

Leslie Loves Veggies is a Featured Blogger at Mommy Page

Leslie from Leslie Loves Veggies on Kids, Veggies, and Halloween Leslie Loves Veggies is the Featured Blogger this week on Mommy Page, the wonderful blog that provides mommies with the power to test different brand name products for FREE!  Please stop by and check out my quickie spaghetti squash … [Read more...]

Cichlids are the Perfect Pet!

Cichlids Are In The House Hubby the Hubster filling in today and I want to tell you about my hobby!  I have pet fish; Cichlid fish. They are Cichlidae (Sik-li-day). Habitat: (big glass tank full of water; they are “in the tank and they love it”). Home: MarineLand 37 gallon tank with LED … [Read more...]

CLAIM OF INNOCENCE by Laura Caldwell {Guest Post} & Rafflecopter Giveaway

The Danger of Writing Real People Into Fiction GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED For years, when a charity asked me to donate something for their silent auction, I’d give signed books or a book club visit. Eventually, I wanted to be more creative. So I offered a chance to get your name in an upcoming Izzy … [Read more...]

QUEST FOR THE DRESS by Nancy Di Fabbio {Guest Post}

QUEST FOR THE DRESS by Nancy Di Fabbio Every bride dreams about finding the perfect wedding gown, but the image of perfection can be as varied as Pamela Anderson’s white bikini or Princess Diana’s taffeta extravaganza. Decades ago, rules governing bridal fashions were fairly limiting. White was … [Read more...]

Tips for Making the Most of Farmers Markets ~ Guest Post by Sharon Long

Today is Tuesday. And not just any Tuesday. It’s Farmers Market day in my little town. And that makes Tuesday a very special day from mid June into October. My local market makes it possible for me to eat locally grown food in season. Doing so helps me support the local economy and farmers, be … [Read more...]

The 100-mile Diet: Tips on Eating Locally Grown Food ~ Guest Post by James Kim

The 100-mile Diet: Tips on Eating Locally Grown Food Locavore, the 100-mile diet, “going local” -- people have coined many phrases to describe this new trend in eating.  So why are people emphasizing the importance of eating locally grown food? Eating local supports local economy, minimizes … [Read more...]