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How To Control What You See In Your Facebook Newsfeed

Facebook has decided to help business pages get back into your Facebook Newsfeed (its been hiding our posts for Lord knows what reason).  I've got great news!  You can get your favorite pages back.  Here's how: You Decide What You See In Your Facebook Newsfeed If you hover over the "liked", button … [Read more...]

Move Your Google Reader to Bloglovin’

Hi friends, the time has finally come to bid Google Reader a fond farewell.  Only July 1st Google Reader will be closing shop  Wipe that tear from your eye :) It's not a huge deal like you may think.  There's a simple, solution, Bloglovin'. Import Your Favorite Google Reader Blogs to Bloglovin' … [Read more...]

Facebook Image Size Guide [Infographic]

Facebook Image size guide is particularly useful for creation of an effective content strategy for any pages. Before any post I have constantly felt the need of having a image size and dimension chart that would effectively depict how content should be shared. Since, Facebook is one of the most … [Read more...]

How To Optimize Your Facebook Posts – Infographic

How can your business get the most out of its Facebook posts? The short answer is, by ensuring that each post is fully optimized. To help you, the folks at quintly have created this infographic, "How To Optimize Your Facebook Posts" The infographic is divided into three major parts. First is … [Read more...]

Giveaway Bloggers – Google Thinks Your Reader’s Comments Are Spam!

Giveaway Bloggers love to receive comments on their blog and I'm no exception. The first thing I do after turning my computer on in the morning is check my blog to see what my readers have to say. I delete fifty or more ridiculous spam comments first, then check the 'real' comments for their … [Read more...]

Giveaway Bloggers Guide to SEO (Not)

The Giveaway Bloggers Guide to SEO:  The fictitious memoir of a giveaway blogger by Leslie Mayorga For most Review and Giveaway Bloggers, the computer is their second career.  I’m a Registered Nurse and Sign Language Interpreter for the DEAF.  Blogging for me came as a second job later in life and … [Read more...]

Need Help with WordPress? Then Read This! :)

They see dollar signs - I know it! There are a few areas in my life where I have to trust someone. My car for instance. What I know about maintaining my car could fit on this page. Ahem.  In this sentence! They see me coming and start seeing dollar signs, I'm sure of it! This post is for those of … [Read more...]