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Mary Kay Beauty & Skin Care Prize Package Giveaway

It's been years since I've worn Mary Kay cosmetics.  A friend of mine was a Mary Kay consultant years ago and turned me on to Mary Kay body wash, which was a favorite of mine.  One of my Readers became a Mary Kay consultant this year and urged me to revisit Mary Kay beauty products and I'm so glad I … [Read more...]

Painted Earth Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Gift Package {Giveaway}

If you're an animal lover with skin sensitivities who refuses to use toxic products your choice of cruelty-free cosmetics is limited.  If you crave gorgeous makeup colors, and luxurious skin care products that soothe, nurture and protect your skin I found a natural cruelty-free cosmetics line that … [Read more...]

Pür Minerals Starter Kit {Rafflecopter Giveaway} $95 Value

GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED Imagine being able to nourish and condition your skin every time you put on your makeup?  Instead of merely masking imperfections, more and more women are demanding cosmetics that help foster a healthy complexion and solve their skin care issues. Why just cover up your skin … [Read more...]

EnvyDerm Growth Mascara or Eyeliner {Rafflecopter Giveaway}

GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED I've suffered with fragile, thin, short eyelashes for most of my life. It was only recently when I started prescription medication treatment that my eyelashes have grown. Now that I actually have eyelashes I'm doing everything in my power to protect and nourish them. I avoid … [Read more...]

TVTopTen.com ~ Spinlash Rotating Mascara {Review}

Have you ever seen an offer on TV that looks too good to be true?  I have, and thought to myself it would be super if I could hop on the internet and check 'em out to see if they were really legit!  That way I could take my time deciding if I really wanted the product!  None of this "buy in the next … [Read more...]